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God Of Carnage
By Yasmina Reza,
Translation by Christopher Hampton

In the aftermath of a playground brawl between their sons, two sets of well-meaning parents meet to calmly resolve the incident. What begins with the best of intentions quickly shatters the veneer of all civilized discourse, devolving into a hilarious train-wreck of an evening – complete with finger pointing accusations, hysterical bickering and an absurd multi-round grudge match.
A comedy of manners without the manners.

Audition Dates:
Wednesday, June 4 at 7pm
Sunday, June 8th at 6pm
Auditions by appointment only.

Sides will be provided at auditions.  There will be no callbacks.  Please be very familiar  with the script and its pace, as this will set you apart, but no memorization required.  Scripts are available at the theater, please contact one of the producers - or
To schedule your audition appointment, please contact the director at .  State your preferred role(s) & date, and provide your email address & contact number.  Please schedule your appointment as soon as you can -- requests will be served in the order received.  Actors arriving without appointments will be read at the end of the evening. All actors will be given several opportunities to read.  
You may download the audition form here.  To save time, please bring the completed form with you to your audition; attaching a headshot is optional.  Please be sure to include all of your conflicts for July-September on this form.  
All Roles: Ages Late 30s – 40s.  Ages noted are approximate for the characters. The actors cast in these roles are not required to be of that age, only able to portray a character of that approximate age.

These characters go from the utmost examples of civility to savage beasts.
Veronica Novak: married to Michael, they have an eleven-year-old son named Henry. She’s writing a book on Darfur, and works part-time in an art history bookstore. She is the good example of social conscience and common courtesy, but is revealed to be really judgmental and controlling.  As the situation disintegrates, she fails to maintain her façade of civility.
Michael Novak:  Middle-class, self-made hardware wholesale supplier, Michael seems the peace-maker at the onset, but reveals himself to be uncouth and neurotic, making racial comments, denouncing parenting - devolving from a seemingly good-natured guy to a Neanderthal.
Annette Raleigh:  married to Alan; they are parents to Benjamin, also eleven-years-old. She works in wealth management. Often passive and polite, she and her husband enjoy an affluent life style. But her confidence & calmness erodes as she reveals her resentment of her husband Alan’s preoccupation with work (and his cell phone).  The situation brings her on the brink of a panic attack.
Alan Raleigh:  A corporate attorney, he is pragmatic, smart, quick, cool and aloof.  Always on his cell phone, consumed by his job, and a bit annoyed that he has been roped into this situation.  He is completely rude and self-centered, and always acts on his own self-interest.
Performances dates are - 9/12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27, 28 (matinee), 10/3, 10/4  

Rehearsals will begin in July 2014.