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ACME THEATER PRODUCTIONS announces auditions for:


Black Comedy

By Peter Shaffer

Directed by Dave Fisher

March 2nd and 3rd at 7 pm

Acme Theater Productions announces auditions for Peter Shaffer’s comic farce, Black Comedy, on Sunday, March 2nd and Monday, March 3rd at 7:00pm at Acme Theater, 61 Summer Street, Maynard, MA in the ArtSpace community art center. Auditions will include cold readings of the script and physical comedy work. Headshot/resume will be accepted but not required.

Directed by David Fisher
Performances are May 9 – May 31 (Fridays & Saturdays at 8 pm, Sunday 5/25 at 3 pm).


In this wild British farce, a desperate sculptor hopes to impress his fiancée’s father and a potential patron by "borrowing" a few antiques from his absent neighbor. But his best laid plans go awry after a fuse blows in his apartment, plunging them all into complete darkness just as the neighbor arrives home. What follows is a hilarious race against time to set things right before the lights come back on. Using the ingenious device of light reversal-- when the apartment is lit, the stage is dark; when the power goes out, the stage lights come on-- Shaffer ensures that the audience can enjoy all the action of mistaken identity and the characters fumbling, bumbling and rushing headlong in the “dark”.


BRINDSLEY MILLER (Male 20s-30s): A young sculptor in London, intelligent and engaging. More creative than wise, he suffers from insecurity about his skill and worth— both as an artist and as a potential mate. Major physical comedy required.

CAROL MELKETT (Female 20s-30s): Brindsley’s fiancée. A young, stylish debutante; very pretty, very spoiled, very silly. An alpha-female and daddy’s-little-girl who gets what she wants.

MISS FURNIVAL (Female 50s-60s): Brindsley’s landlord. Prissy and refined. Clad in the blouse and sack skirt of her gentility, her hair in a bun, her voice in a bun, she reveals only the repressed gestures of the middle-class spinster— until alcohol undoes her.

COLONEL MELKETT (Male 40s-50s): Carol's commanding father. Ramrod-straight British military man. Brisk and barky, yet given to sudden vocal calms which suggest a deep and alarming instability. Intolerant of the weak or unprepared.

HAROLD GORRINGE (Male 30s-40s): Brindsley’s neighbor. Owner of an antiques shop, and a “confirmed bachelor” (i.e. gay). Fashionable, possessive, and camp— he is a specialist in emotional blackmail, and will turn from ardent devotion to psychotic hysteria in an instant when slighted or rejected.

CLEA (Female 20s-30s): Brindsley’s Bohemian ex-girlfriend. Dazzling, emotional, bright and quite mischievous, although she doesn’t always know what she wants. Impish to a fault, she cannot help but poke the bears she thinks are acting ridiculous.

SCHUPPANZIGH (Male 20s-40s): A German refugee, chubby, cultivated, and effervescent. He is an entirely happy man, delighted to be in England, even if this means being employed full time by the London Electricity Board.

GEORG BAMBERGER (Male 50s-60s): An elderly millionaire art collector, easily identifiable as such. Like the Electrician, he is a German.  This is a cameo role that only appears at the end of the play but which requires physical comedy skill.

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