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ACME THEATER PRODUCTIONS announces auditions for:


by Victor L. Cahn
Directed by Nancy Curran Willis

Saturday, September 6th at 1:00pm, & Saturday, September 13th at 3:00pm
61 Summer Street, Maynard MA. Click here for directions.

SIGN UP FOR YOUR PREFERRED DATE by contacting Kathy Campbell at Please arrive at the audition time to be partnered for readings.

ROLES FOR 2 Females (20's to young 50's) and one Male (35+)

The ages above are relative as the director is flexible as to final casting. The play needs an “older” attractive, successful woman, married to a “younger” chess player husband and a “younger” female reporter.


Fit to Kill is a masterful black-comedy, murder mystery in the tradition of Wait until Dark, Deathtrap, and Sleuth - a scheme of strategy, betrayal, and deception. Adrian, a charming but self-indulgent chess master, enjoys a life of luxury thanks to his marriage to Janice, an older but still sexy and vibrant woman who has made a fortune as CEO of an exercise empire. The arrival of Amy, a reporter with her own agenda, unleashes a whirlwind of deadly schemes that will keep audiences guessing until the final seconds. A wonderful psychological thriller, and a tantalizing game of cat and mouse.

The director is looking for a tight ensemble of actors capable of playing both the mounting tension and the humor of the play. Itís a psychological thriller with lots of twists and turns where characters play an ever evolving game of cat and mouse that takes the audience on a wild ride through the Connecticut countryside. Local composer, Valerie Forgione is creating a musical underscore for the piece, reminiscent of the great thrillers of Alfred Hitchcock.

Adrian - Charming, handsome, professional chess player who is kept by his older yet beautiful wife, Janice.

Janice - Older wife of Adrian, a wealthy Connecticut CEO of a fitness empire with a history of questionable business ethics.

Amy - A young reporter sent out to interview Adrian who inserts herself into their lives. Who is she really and why is she there?

REHEARSALS begin Oct. 6 and will be held 3 nights per week (Monday thru Thursday depending on cast preference) with Sundays added starting Oct. 26. Performances: November 21 ñ December 13~(Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm, Sunday 11/30 at 3pm)

Any questions or for copies of the script that can be sent via email please contact either the producer, Kathy Campbell at [ or the director, Nancy Curran Willis at