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ACME Theater is proud to announce it will be holding auditions for SELF-HELP by Norm Foster, directed by Kevin Nessman, at 7 PM on June 7th and 9th.

SELF-HELP is a fast-paced farce about two down-on-their-luck actors who become sensations as self-help gurus. Most of the action takes place in their mansion shortly after Hal Savage discovers Cindy Savage, his wife, in the arms of their amorous gardener. Hal and Cindy face a crisis in their marriage that for professional reasons they must keep secret from their slow-witted maid, their wise-cracking agent, a melancholy police officer investigating the gardener, and a devious investigative reporter out to prove the Savage’s are frauds. The action is fast-paced and includes a lot of physical comedy, double-entendres, and mistaken identities.

Hal Savage (30s-50s): Actor turned self-help guru

Hal is proud and a bit self-absorbed. He considers himself a serious actor and has lost the joy that theater used to bring him. He wants respect, but has settled for fame and fortune. Impatient and easily frustrated, Hal has a tendency to let his temper get to him.

Cindy Savage (30s-50s): Actor turned self-help guru

Cindy is a dreamer and a schemer. The architect of The Savage Way, the name of their Self-Help program, Cindy is the most concerned about what might be lost if their secret is discovered. She has a hard time controlling herself when faced with temptation.

Bernice (20s-30s): The Savage’s maid

Bernice is the Savage’s new maid. Young and timid, Bernice has fallen completely for The Savage Way and uses its advice and aphorisms in her duties as maid. Though unsure of herself, Bernice is determined to be a success, and is shocked to discover that the Savages don’t necessarily live up to their supposed ideals.

Ruby Delvecchio (30s-50s): The Savage’s agent

Ruby is the Savage’s agent. She is a tough-talking, wise-cracking business woman with a mind quick to formulate plans. Strong, manipulative, and bossy, Ruby controls the world around her professionally, but personally she has been unsuccessful in finding what she really wants: love.

Detective Snow (30s-50s): A policeman

DetectiveSnow is sad, depressed, and distracted in the wake of personal problems. Though he investigates a case in the Savages’ neighborhood, he can’t help but pump Hal and Cindy for relationship advice even as he investigates a crime that they might be involved in.

Jeremy Cash (30s-50s): Investigative reporter

Jeremy is currently the boyfriend of Ruby Delvecchio, but he may not be interested in in her as much as he is in exposing the Savages. Deceitful and relentless, Jeremy is looking for a scoop for his Cold Hard Cash newspaper column, and doesn’t care who gets hurt on the way.

Auditions will consist of readings from the script. Any questions should be sent to Rehearsals will take place from late July and to early September. Performance dates include September 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th, October 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 9th, 10th.