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Written by Rick Johnston

Directed by Chris Rose


Production dates:

September 16 - October 8

(Fridays & Saturdays at 8 PM, Sunday 10/2 at 3 PM)



The setting is the 1980s in Ken and Jan's apartment in a Manhattan high rise. Jan and her friend Lois are setting up for a dinner party before attending a meeting on neighborhood crime—a subject that has become an obsession with Lois' husband, Al. Al, impersonating a masked burglar, scares Jan and Lois by breaking into the apartment. Al and Ken trade insults over dinner, culminating in Al’s murder. What to do with the body? A suspicious security guard arrives at the door and, threatening blackmail, is also murdered. Filled with witty dialogue and hilarious one-liners, this fast-paced play manages to maintain a farcical unreality while demonstrating that things usually do get worse before they get better—and that street crime pales beside the outrageous mayhem that can ensue when four "good friends" get together for a quiet dinner. An audience favorite that is rarely produced.


Jan Miller:

Cathy Koerwer

Ken Miller:

Kevin Nessman 

Lois Shields:

Gail Bishop Nessman 

Al Shields:

Russ Gannon 

Officer Grant:

Jake Devlin


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