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2006 - 2007 SEASON:

The 2006-2007 Season began with Amateurs, a comedy set at a community theater cast party on Opening Night. In turns both hilarious and thoughtful, the audience followed the actors as they shared their dreams, loves, successes, and insecurities with varying degrees of humor and self-discovery.

Next to appear was Love of a Pig, a quirky, fast paced, one-sided love story of Jenny, who was dateless, boyfriend-less and terrified of spending the rest of her life alone. Jenny's first-person confessional guided the audience in a comical and thoroughly enjoyable evening of (mis)adventure, and featured several newcomers who brought their unique talents to the 30+ individual characters in Jenny's world. Acme eventually brought Love of a Pig back to life as our entry in the June 2007 EMACT Festival.

Also in the Fall of 2006, Acme received both a Massachusetts Cultural Council Organization Support grant, and a Middlesex Savings Bank Capacity Building Grant. The financial support from these highly competitive funding sources was much appreciated, as was their recognition of the positive impact of our work on the community.

For the 6th Annual New Works Winter Festival (NWWF), Acme's reputation as both a credible play festival and a welcoming atmosphere resulted in over 150 new play submissions (a 25% increase from 2005) ranging from 5 minute short pieces to the 15 minute limit established for the 2007 NWWF. A total of 18 plays from 18 different playwrights were selected and performed twice over a 2 weekend span. After the audience votes were tallied, the NWWF "Charlie Award" was given to playwrights Philana Gnatkowski for Patrick and Gwen and Lisa Burdick for Cloud 7.

In the dark thriller Faithful, written by actor Chazz Palminteri, Tony, a cool hitman, has his world upended by Maggie, his current target. Suspecting that her husband Jack is having an affair, Maggie learns that Jack hired Tony to kill her because he thinks she was unfaithful. This production was an edge of the seat experience with unexpected twists, showing us that our audience greatly enjoyed mysteries.

In March 2007 Acme hosted a special musical event featuring singer/songwriters Rob Mattson, Sam Bayer, and Stephanie Corby. Although we're never sure an audience will appear for non-theater events, we feel it's important to feature other types of performers in our space. The audience came, and was loud and appreciative of the unique talents of these performers.

Originally intending to present the musical comedy, Have a Nice Day, Acme was forced to change its final show of the 2006-2007 season due to casting issues. Instead, Acme presented the quirky comedy Catholic School Girls, a delightful memory play of Catholic school life in the 1960's reflected in the eyes of four girls from the 1st through 8th grade. The show featured 8 talented women who were performance-ready in only 12 rehearsals. Catholic School Girls drew tremendous interest from both existing and new attendees, and became Acme's best selling show in its history.

And the saga continues...

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