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It is with deep sadness that I announce that the town of Maynard will close the doors on Acme Theater as of 12/31/23. The town powers have decided to break our lease and remove Acme from our home of 22 years, citing previously known problems with the building. We have tried hard to work with the town but to no avail. This is extremely devastating for us. We have worked hard to give back to the town over the many years we have spent in Maynard. 
We want to thank all the directors, designers, actors, stage managers, playwrights, run crews, and booth operators for all their hard work and amazing creativity. We especially want to thank our dedicated audience; you made it all worthwhile. We estimate that over 35,000 people have been a part of our 63 Summer St home. All the shows, New Works Festivals, Acme Improv, puppet shows, concerts, and special guest artists have been exciting and wonderful to present.
Acme has always been much more than a theater in a basement. It has been a spirit, an energy, and a dedication to good work. Most importantly, it has been a community where everyone was welcomed and encouraged, given the room and freedom to grow and learn, and, in many cases, find themselves.  
That will not end, and neither will Acme. We all will dedicate ourselves to finding a place to do shows, a new place to carry the Acme spirit. We welcome all help and suggestions.
Please keep an eye out for news about our future and upcoming fund-raising events (new places cost new money).
31 years ago, we started Acme to give people a place to do good work and feel welcome, a place to try new things. We also set out to help the theater community whenever we could. I hope we achieved that. And I hope we will be back to doing it very soon. Thank you all so much for your support. 
Please come see 
The Squirrels December 1 – 16 and say goodbye to our wonderful little theater.
Acme is not out and gone – just out.
Dave “Tito” Sheppard
Executive Director
Acme Theater

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