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Founded in 1992, Acme Theater is a group of highly skilled artists who love theater and work together to bring the performing arts to the stage. Whether actor, director, designer or production staff, our volunteers share a common passion for presenting live theater to our local and regional audiences. Acme mission is to be inclusive of all talents and ideas, and produce a variety of thoughtful works. Through various means, we find ways to eliminate barriers to the cost of attendance to historically underfunded members of our audience. In addition to 4 mainstage productions per year, Acme hosts the Acme Improv Company, and  fosters the creativity of playwrights by hosting Acme's nationally renowned New Works Winter Festival of new plays.



"What is Team Acme?" can really be answered in two ways: 1) What does the group do, and 2) What is the spirit behind Team Acme?

Team Acme is a group of highly skilled people who love theater and work together to bring our ideas to the stage and to our audiences.

That's the easy answer. Like saying that a house is white with green shutters, or that water is wet. While defining what Team Acme does is easy, what Team Acme means is not so cut and dried.

Team Acme means not being labeled as an actor or a director or a lighting designer, but instead knowing that you are supported in trying things that you have never done before.

Team Acme means relying on others to do their best and knowing that their best will probably be better than you expected.

Team Acme means stepping up to help when someone needs it most.

Team Acme is going out to work with other groups to learn, teach and enjoy new experiences.

Team Acme is doing something not because "it's the thing to do", but because "it's the RIGHT thing to do."

Team Acme is enjoying life, theater and friends.

Team Acme is theater, community, vision, love, joy, respect and the opportunity to share these feelings and ideals with the friends we know and the friends we have yet to meet.


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