CASTING POLICY                                                                                     Back to Auditions

All roles, unless otherwise announced, are open.

If after open auditions, the director believes that a particular role or roles cannot be satisfactorily cast, additional actors may be contacted for further auditions.

Being invited to audition, either directly or indirectly, does not guarantee you a role. Callbacks will be held if necessary.


(NOTE: not being called back does NOT mean that you are not cast in the show. Likewise, being called back does not mean you will be cast.)

In the event an actor cannot attend regular auditions, they may audition at a pre-arranged time if the director desires this.

Please note that by auditioning, you are obligating yourself to a considerable rehearsal and performance process. Please be certain that you are willing and able to make this commitment. If you wish to be considered for ONLY a certain role or roles, please indicate this clearly on your audition form.

Acme endeavors to cast new faces and fresh talent whenever possible, and encourages anyone who is interested to audition. However, casting decisions are quite subjective we recognize that not everyone will be pleased with the final choices.

Whether the auditions are public or private is up to the director. Each person will be given a chance to sing, read and/or dance as necessary, unless you have a request to the contrary.