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By Jane Martin

Directed by Dave Sheppard

Assistant Directed by Erica Goddard


Production dates:

February 24 - March 11, 2023

(Fridays & Saturdays at 8 PM,

Sundays at 3 PM)




So you think you want to be famous? So did teen idol and "shark-movie" star Sheena Keener, the darling of the press, the obsession of the paparazzi, and the Goddess of the 'E! Channel'. But now she can't stand to be looked at anymore and her Godzilla of an agent is on the warpath. When Sheena ends up on the doorstep of naïve newcomer Loli, a recent arrival from Flatt, Kansas, it's a wild ride on the road to fame. Sheena is a somebody who wants to be a nobody. Loli is a nobody desperate to be a somebody. In this hilarious comedy about Hollywood, fame, and the TMZ, renowned playwright Jane Martin takes dead aim at our culture of celebrity.



Jill Zuber as Loli

Katie Andrews as Sheena

Lucy Auger as Galaxy

Kevin Nessman as Joe Don

Kerry Anne Kilkelly as The Stalker

Gabbie Hatcher as Beverly

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