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 Acme Theater Productions is a community theater group that was formed in 1992. Acme was formed for three reasons:

  1. to offer high quality productions to the public at an affordable price;

  2. to offer actors a chance to grow by doing roles that they might not normally be cast in; and

  3. to demonstrate that hard work and fun do easily go hand-in-hand.

Since being formed, Acme has held to that mission. Many actors, who had never been selected for a major role, have been given a chance to grow and learn (some have gone on professional work). Acme also encourages and has set up training programs for those who want to work behind-the scenes in areas of direction, production, stage management, and set and lighting design, or who just want to learn more about theater.

Most importantly, Acme Theater Productions recognizes that community theater is about community. A theater group can provide learning and social opportunities for all ages within their community. Our actors come from the local area, Boston, the North Shore and Central Massachusetts. People return to work with us again and again because they enjoy the experience and know the end product will be excellent.

Acme is a member of the Eastern Massachusetts Association of Community Theaters (EMACT) and the American Association of Community Theaters (AACT).


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